News & views 2011

Décembre 2011

L'environnementaliste Geoff Mosley rejoint l'Appel des Pôles


I first became involved with Antarctica’s future when in 1974 a number of Antarctic scientists asked me as Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) for our help in protecting Antarctica. This was a personal ‘natural’ since I had long ago developed an interest in polar areas through travel in northern Noway, Finland and Alaska. With Australia having a major interest in Antarctica it seemed that there was a lot we could do. The outcome was two major policy decisions taken by the ACF. The first (in August, 1975) was that Antarctica should be preserved as wilderness free of all mineral activity and the second (in March, 1979) was to urge the Antarctic Treaty powers to give effect to this aim...

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Avril 2011

Le Cercle Polaire au pôle Nord

Rocard Pole Nord

Michel Rocard, président d'honneur du Cercle Polaire, a atteint le pôle Nord géographique le lundi 18 avril 2011 à environ 12h30 TU. Accompagné de Laurent Mayet, fondateur de l’ONG le Cercle Polaire et du photographe islandais Ragnar Axelsson dit "Rax", Michel Rocard n’a pas sacrifié au traditionnel planté de drapeau national au pôle afin d'affirmer la dimension internationale des nouveaux enjeux dans l’océan Arctique. Dans l’histoire de l’exploration des pôles, l’ancien Premier ministre devient ainsi le deuxième homme d’État...

Mars 2011

Le parlementaire Dennis Bevington rejoint l'Appel des Pôles


As the sole member of Canada's Parliament for the vast Northwest Territories, I am sometimes daunted by the sheer scope of social, political and environmental issues that are facing this region. I am surely not alone in that regard, as the small population base that characterizes remote arctic and subarctic regions around the world means the same for northern leadership worldwide. Dealing with the growing list of issues like climate change, arctic sovereignty, resource development, indigenous people's rights, combined with an outrageous cost of living and insufficient basic infrastructure and human services, is a daunting task to say the least. Traditional party politics…

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