Le Cercle Polaire - English


The climat archives in polar ices
Living in Nunavut with global warming
The “Ice Bear”: The Saga of a Forthcoming Extinction
Nicolas Dubreuil dives under the Icebergs at Illulissat
Baleines à bosse dans le fjord d'Illulissat
The Call of the Poles has been launched in Milano
The Call of the Poles : the exhibition
The Arctic Ocean belongs to whom
Le Cercle Polaire at the Geographic North Pole
Public institutions
Exposition “L'Appel des Pôles” à Milan
Le Cercle Polaire in subarctic Canada
Le Cercle Polaire at the Geographic South Pole
Le Cercle Polaire in South Georgia
Lachièze-Rey Marc
Grovallet François
Meeting with the former President Mikhaïl Gorbachev
Michel Rocard and Bob Hawke hailed as "Heroes of the Antarctic"
Vostok, a subglacial lac below 4 km of antarctic ice
Michel Rocard, the struggle for the Poles
Michel Rocard en Antarctique
Première mission de l'ambassadeur pour les pôles dans l'Arctique russe
Michel Rocard, la bataille des Pôles
Olga Letykai Csonca donne un récital de chants
Archives du Cercle Polaire
Towards an Arctic Ocean governance
“The Call of the Poles” exhibition in Monaco
The true North Pole conquered by Russians!
Identification of the Austral Ocean Cetaceans
Les soirées du Cercle Polaire à Saint-Brieuc (2)
Maritime jurisdiction and territorial delimitations of the Arctic Ocean
The Call of the Poles - 2009
The “New Arctic” according to the President Grimsson
A hut dedicated to “Robert Hawke” in Antarctica
2014 High North Mission of the Deep-Sea Towing Tug TENACE
2014 High North Mission of the Deep-Sea Towing Tug TENACE
Farewell Michel Rocard!
Michel Rocard: an extraordinary man - Hamilton
Pôles Nord et Sud n°4
Working group on cooperation in Svalbard
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