Spring 2010

Watching the Arctic Color Change


La tendance au retrait de la banquise boréale s'accompagne d'une modification de la “couleur” (albédo moyen) de l'océan Arctique qui conditionne les échanges d'énergie entre l'océan et l'atmosphère. Jean-Claude Gascard, spécialiste des glaces de mer arctiques analyse pour nous l'évolution de ce patchwork de glace.

par Jean-Claude Gascard, océanographe, France.


Spring 2010

“The Arctic sea-ice cover appeared to be the most anomalous ever during Fall 2009 and Spring 2010”

Every morning, I like to start my activities in my office based at the UPMC (LOCEAN lab) in Paris (France) by consulting the web page of the Polar view center based at the University of Bremen (Germany) and also the NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) in Boulder Colorado (USA). Both centers are providing real time and accurate information concerning sea-ice conditions over the entire Arctic Ocean.

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