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January 2017

The World's Largest Marine Reserve Created Off Antarctica

RossSea MPA
For over a decade the Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, CCAMLR, has been discussing the establishment of Marine Protected Areas...

Decembre 2016

Summer 2016
3rd record low in the minimum extent of summer sea ice

Contrary to expectations, the minimum annual extent of Arctic sea ice recorded on 10 September 2016 is associated with a record value which places it, with the minimum for 2007, in second place behind the minimum for 2012, which remains unequalled in 37 years of microwave satellite measurements. This annual minimum therefore identifies 2016 as a new record year for its low levels of ice cover. On 10 September last, the extent of the Arctic sea ice reached 4.14 million km2...

October 2016

Laurent Mayet awarded for his commitment to the Navy Reserve

Laurent Mayet, Senior officer reservist in the Navy, was awarded bronze medal of the voluntary military service in gratitude for his engagement and commitment to the Navy Reserve, especially, his chairmanship of the working group Alidade on the Arctic...

July 2016

Farewell Michel Rocard!

MichelRocard juin2016
On June 14th 2016, Michel Rocard made the official presentation of the French National Roadmap for the Arctic, whose development he has chaired for the last two and a half years at the ministry for Foreign Affairs. Seventeen days later he passed away. The Cercle Polaire, of which Michel Rocard has been honorary president for the last seven years, and with whom he has had a true and sincere relationship, will soon pay homage to him. Farewell Michel, we will miss you. You can rely on us to keep on fighting for the preservation of the polar regions.

7 janvuary 2015

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